Saturday, December 14, 2013


A few weeks ago I ordered some custom Christmas cards from one of the popular online printing sites.  They finally arrived yesterday, a few days later than expected.  Oy!  I was going to have to rush to get them mailed out.  But you see something wrong with this picture???

Yes, those are the envelopes they sent me with the cards.  Well it looks like someone was rushing through their work that day when they packed my order.  Perhaps they had something else on their mind or were in a hurry to be somewhere else.  I guess I won't be sending my cards out any time soon.  :(

Here is the latest string quilt that I've recently pieced together. I LOVE orange and the addition of turquoise/aqua/teal really makes me happy.

I haven't started quilting on this or the previous string quilt.  I'm now busy with preparing the house for the holidays (cleaning, decorating, company), planning meals and baking, and stitching the binding on my grandson's quilt. But what I'm not doing is getting Christmas cards ready to mail. Sigh!


  1. Too bad about the envelopes being the wrong size. I'll bet someone who ordered smaller cards got large envelopes, lol.

    I love the orange and turquoise string quilt! Gorgeous colors and especially together.

  2. That's funny! Oh well. Last year I didn't mail cards until Dec 24! I love your string quilt.

  3. What a bummer on the envelopes! It's hard when that happens and there is no local store to go for a quick resolution:( Last year I wasn't provided with enough envelops but didn't realize until well into the project.

    The string quilt is beautiful - very lively! I keep looking for a little kitty face to be peeking out somewhere!

  4. That's too bad about the envelopes, the cards look very cheerful from what I can see of them - is it your own artwork?

    The colors of the string quilt make me happy also! It's not a color I normally use, I may need to rethink that, at least for bright happy oranges.

  5. The turquoise was the perfect choice for the orange. They make me happy too!

  6. Oh boy…terrible about the envelopes. Love the quilt though!!!!


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