Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kitties Kitties Everywhere!

Here are a couple more quilts from two lovely quilters who tested out my patterns.

This first quilt shown here, Butterfly Moments, was made by Marsha Leith. I love how she did this!  Great idea Marsha!  You can see more photos and read more about Marsha's results on her blog here.

Photo by Marsha Leith, used with permission

This next quilt isn't a quilt just yet. This was made by Teresa Raleigh. The pattern Teresa used is Paws in the Garden. Teresa used some creative thinking and instead of using the pattern to create a quilt, she reduced the pattern in size and created a quilt block. She eliminated one of the kitties for a better design fit.

Photo by Teresa Raleigh, used with permission

Teresa is working in wool felt and she is going to create an entire quilt with blocks. Look how well the two blocks she has done already look together.  You can read more about Teresa's block on her blog here.

Photo by Teresa Raleigh, used with permission
Thank you Marsha and Teresa for your willingness to test the patterns for me and for doing a spectacular job. Stay tuned for more results from more pattern testers.