Friday, November 29, 2013

Fun with Paint

Happy Thanksgiving!  (yes, a day late)!

This past week, I felt the need to play with my hand carved stamps.
So I got them out, along with some deli paper and black paint.
And I went to town, creating these papers for future collage.
The three papers along the bottom edge in the first photo aren't stamped.
I actually just used a paint marker and did those by hand.

Did I say collage?
I'm hoping I will have time in the new year to collage more and
monoprint more. Hoping was the key word there. We'll see
how it goes.

I'm also keeping busy with continuing to paint on the ornaments I am making for gifts.
I still have a few layers of base color to paint and then it will be time for
the details. I love the details!