Friday, October 4, 2013

Pattern Designing

I'm still playing around and learning what I can about creating patterns that can be used on textiles and other products. Every month, the Tigerprint web site holds a pattern design contest with a specific theme. The September theme was "shapes as pattern".  Here are the five patterns I entered.

There were over 1000 entries in this round.  Earlier in the week they announced the shortlist, which is the top 100 designs that they choose. I was absolutely thrilled that two of my designs made it to the shortlist.  You can see these 100 designs here.

And then a day or so later the top 10 winners were announced and that was when it was over for me.  That's okay. I will just go back to the drawing board and see what I can create next. I will say that I am very much enjoying this pattern designing stuff and learning about designing for product lines and such.  It's a whole new world and I still have hopes that one day I will see some of my designs printed on products. That would be so cool.