Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Butterfly Moments revisited

Well I added the text.  Are you wondering what the heck I'm talking about?  Just check out my previous post and you'll be up to speed.  I really liked what the text added to this one so I'm doing text now.  Ha!

The Butterfly Moments

And here is a new painting for your viewing pleasure (did you notice it has text???).  I did this one the same way as the one above...watercolor paint, ink, graphite pencil, and collaged papers on 140 lb. watercolor paper.

My Best Spots

And just in case you are wondering...YES, I am working on a quilt.  REally!!!  I'll share it with you soon.  Hmmmmm, speaking of quilts...wouldn't these two paintings here look cute as quilts?


  1. These are wonderful. I'd love to see fabric with your happy cats! Keep making them and let us know when the fabric is coming out.

  2. They would be so cute as quilts and is there fabric in the making. That would be so cool. Glad you added the script --very good idea. Sonja

  3. They'd make adorable quilts! So will you make paper quilts out of these or fabric quilts?

  4. Hey I like Fleur de Lis's comment. Would love to see these happy kitties on fabric!!!

  5. They would both be great greeting cards, too.

  6. yes they would be wonderful in a quilt-I just love your work

  7. Yes, they would be cute quilts and I enjoy the words...very sweet.


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