Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Getting Off This Ride

Did I tell you I hate hate hate roller coasters? I was on one
only one time in my life and that was one time too many
for me. Didn't like!

I want to thank everyone!!! for their lovely thoughts and
caring comments. I so appreciate you!

I am on a path. A good path I think. I am feeling so much better (mentally)
now that I've seen the hematologist. I really liked him too. We have a short list
of possible causes and we are proceeding forward and
I'm feeling better about it all. I have a compression sleeve for my arm to
help with the circulation.  I'm ready to move forward and
continue on.

I've been trying to do a little bit every day (just so I don't go mad) without
over doing it. I just had to do something artsy so I painted the following:

It is a quick and silly painting that I had done in no time and I must say
that it felt good to do it. It's a very poor photo as
I took it while it was still dark outside and
the lighting inside was poor. 

Today I want to tackle more. We'll see what I am up to. I wish everyone
a happy and lovely Wednesday.