Friday, July 19, 2013


Last evening I wasn't able to do much of anything. Not for lack of motivation...but because of obstacles preventing me from doing anything. I was set to do some computer work but my internet connection was acting all funny. I know I had a connection according to my modem but when I tried to access a web page all it would do is spin and time out. And then every once in a while it would tease me and load a page. So I gave up.

Next I decided to sketch out a new image for some designs I've been working on. Guess what happened next!

Somebody decided it was time to get some mama love. Smack in the middle of my drawing.

She quite enjoyed being there. I think she secretly knew that she was keeping me from my drawing and loved it.  Cats can sense these things you know.  They know just the moment when you really want to or need to do something and they intervene and change everything up.

Or maybe it was she knew I was drawing her on my paper and felt I'd do a better job it she came and posed for me.