Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hanging With Friends

This year seems to be the year for challenging myself....entering a quilt into the Houston International Quilt Festival, taking online courses to learn about surface pattern design, and entering a talent contest.

The talent contest is Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search. Lilla is an artist agent and represents talented artists. There are many wonderful prizes in this contest, one of which is 2 years of representation by Lilla.

So the first round of the contest was to create to a brief, much like it is in the real world of surface pattern design. The brief we received was to create a journal cover with a playground theme. Below is my entry.

Around August 1 fifty entries will be chosen from all the entries (I have a feeling there are thousands). The top fifty entries will proceed on to the next round. I will cross my fingers and hope to make it to the top fifty, but will still be happy for this experience if I don't make it. I have been seeing so many wonderful journal cover entries around the web, by many talented artists. I wish everyone luck who entered.