Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Green Green I Love Green

There once was a day when green was my favorite color. While it still is a favorite, my most favoritest color right now is orange. And has been for a while. I wonder if this will change. Probably.

We've had a fair amount of rain in the past few weeks here. It's been what I would consider one of the wettest early summer's we've had (that I can remember). Everything outside is so lush and green, I am constantly just gazing at it to drink it all in. So using the outdoor green lush landscape as my inspiration, today I set out to create a tonal background of green on a piece of watercolor paper. I pulled out my favorite green paints and got everything prepped.

I covered up the white paper with a layer of paint. I used two or three colors to do this. I didn't take photos of every step, sorry! I kept adding layers of paint and design in the shades of greens that you see in the photos. I used some of my hand carved stamps and stencils to add subtle interest to the paper. And I used a sea sponge to pounce on some teeny tiny dabs of color here and there too.

Here's how it looked when I was all done. It's so hard to get good photos when it's so dreary outside.

I'm going to do some more of these tonal backgrounds, because I have plans for them. Ha!

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And before I go, I want to thank all of you who commented on my blog post yesterday. It's so wonderful to hear from you. Your comments were so lovely to read.