Friday, May 3, 2013

Thermofax Play

Yesterday I got a little time to play with some of my new Thermofax screens. In the photo above I used some hand dyed fabrics I had done a long time ago. They are fat quarter size. I used two different screen designs on each fabric with one exception...I used one screen twice.

Below is a better view of the actual screen designs...I know that some of these are difficult to see on the fabrics above.

I am planning on getting more screens played with and more created to play with in the near future. I will probably also start getting them slowly added to my etsy shop too.

I also played with soy wax yesterday and my fabrics are currently soaking and I can't get a photo of hopefully I'll have something to share with you tomorrow.


  1. I need to learn how to use these-sound fun. and I have been wanting to try the soy wax too-will be watching for the outcome. Kathy

  2. Yeah!!! Even more layers to your beautiful fabrics!!!!!

  3. The screens are wonderful and look fabulous on your cloth! Have fun!

  4. This is wonderful, Terri. I am looking forward to seeing how you use these and what you come up with. Very exciting!

  5. OMG! Great creations. Love the soy wax and the thermofax results. Keep playing, they are terrific.

    auntie jude


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