Friday, April 5, 2013

New Black T-Shirt

I spent most of the day yesterday creating this shirt.  I had so much fun with it.  It is mainly black, in case you can't tell from the photos.  Lighting, photography, and computer monitors can change colors a bit.

I used one of my new stencils to add some design to the plain black jersey fabric. I stenciled with white paint (Jacquard Textile Colors) and then I added some purple circles with a circle stencil I had. I thought the circles would add a bit of color and tie into the circle fabric in the sleeves. The purple paint I used was Setacolor Opaque Garnet.

Unconnected Circle
6 x 6"
Available from Stencil Girl Products

Here is the pattern I used to create the shirt. Vogue 8793.

The pattern is easy, but it runs large. I purchased the size that corresponds to my bust measurements and that was size 16. I could have probably gone with a size 14, but that size wasn't in my pattern envelope, so I had to play around with the pattern until I got a fit I liked. I ended up mostly taking in about an inch on each side seam. I also had to trim slightly on the arm hole.

The neck on this shirt was funky and while I think it is cute, I decided to skip the funky-ness and just do a normal neckband. Actually I had one neckband on it and it totally didn't work. It looked great as far as the fabric goes, but it wasn't the right stretch and it made the shirt hang/drape funny in some areas. So today I spent time removing the first neckband and coming up with another option.

I like my new shirt!


  1. I absolutely love it! I've been eyeballing several of your stencils. I think it's time to just place an order! I see some fun on my horizon!

  2. Very cool Terri! I think it's neat that you are showcasing uses other than quilts for your stencils.

    I have always said that stencils are some of the most versatile tools in an artist toolbox!

  3. Don't you just love one-of-a-kind projects?

    Now that you have it fitted, be sure to make something in spring-type colors. I'm sure it will be SPRING in about July.

  4. I saw this pop up on FB page and I thought - now there is something I would totally wear! so I'll keep it as inspiration and try circles this summer. this is just quite lovely and did you know they make Ked sneaks that have pokadots? gotta get a pair of those too!

  5. Love it. Let's see you modeling it!!!!

    auntie jude

  6. I've also wanted to make a T-shirt, but haven't worked with knits or stretchy fabrics. Is a serger necessary (did you use one)? Is is possible to make using a regular sewing machine, maybe with a zigzag stitch? Also, I don't like to wear polyester, so what's a good source for good cotton knits? Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

  7. OMG!!!! Watch out, Marcy!!!! Awesome job!

  8. LOVE your t-shirt....just my style :)

  9. I like your new shirt also. The stenciling really gives it character and personality. Kudos to you for sewing it from scratch. Creative Bliss...


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