Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stencil Mania Maniac - Part 3

Welcome back for round 3 of Stencil Mania.  The first thing I want to show you is the final two stencils from the entire line.  In the second photo you will actually see two stencils, that's because it's a stencil duo...the two work together to create a wonderful design, but they can also be used alone.  They are sold as a set.

Nouveau Stencil

Star Flowers Duo
In most of the photos I've shared with you, I'm showing the stencils used with white or orange paint on brown paper.  I will share more about this project in another post, soon.

Today I want to share some of the ways I've used the stencils and a project.  I love to create layers in my work. You can do that by adding layers of color, layers of pattern/design, or layers of fabric. I love thrift shopping and one of the things I look for when thrifting is chiffon. Most especially chiffon scarves. They come in many colors and some even have designs on them. Because chiffon is so sheer, it is a wonderful fabric for layering with other fabrics. A design can be on the underneath layer and show through the chiffon or a design can be added to the chiffon and create a subtle layer on top.

Spread a layer of chiffon over a layer of fabric (here I used white).  If your chiffon is wrinkled, iron it on low to straighten/flatten.

Opaque and metallic paints work best on the chiffon.  Transparent paints will get lost on the sheer fabric.
I rolled on a layer of metallic gold paint.  

Then, without cleaning my roller, I started adding some yellow, moving my stencil across the fabric with each roll.

Once you have covered the chiffon, peel it off the base fabric before it dries.  It might not come off very easily if allowed to dry on top of the base fabric.  You can see that you now have a stenciled chiffon fabric AND a bonus stenciled fabric.

Here I've placed the chiffon on a clean white fabric and you can see how subtle the design appears.

This is a small quilt I made using the chiffon layering techique.  While it is very difficult to see in this photograph, there are two pieces of chiffon, one on the lower half and one on the upper half, each one having a different stenciled design.
Another technique that is fun to do with stencils is one of my favorites and one that I've shared with you before.  It is the layering of color to create a wonderful piece of fabric that can be used in any type of project.  I created a short video on my layering process that you can see here.

You can see all the stencils in the Joggles line by clicking here.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow...and finally, I will announce information on how you can win some of these great stencils.

Keep on stenciling!