Monday, February 25, 2013

Playing With a Spray Gun

A few weeks ago I started wondering how I could make my fabric design process a little easier and perhaps work on a larger scale (larger pieces of fabric).  I wondered if an air brush would make a difference.  My fingers tend to get a little tired from spraying a small spray bottle of paint onto my fabrics.  After doing some research, I was having a discussion with my husband about it and lo and behold he had the solution.  Why not try out the spray gun he had in his shop, that was purchased for some project that never happened.  

Of course I said, YES!  Let's try it out.  Here's that cute little spray gun.  He purchased it from Harbor Freight and it was very under $15.  Can't beat that!  My husband has a shop where he dabbles in auto body repair and painting.  It has great lighting and connection for an air hose everywhere.  So I set up a week ago on a small scale to see if it would work how I wanted it to.  Yay!  It worked!

So this weekend I set up on a larger scale and created four pieces of fabric using my stencils and a combination of Tumble Dyes and Dye-Na-Flow.

I am really liking this way of creating the stenciled fabrics and I think when it is nicer outside, I can create several at one time.  Right now I'm limited to what can fit on the tables.  Once it's nice outside, I can take a painted piece and hang it on my clothesline to dry and then start another piece.

Here are the four fabrics I created:

These are all available for purchase in my Etsy shop.