Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Did You Notice?

....that I seem to be playing with stencils a lot lately? I can't help it...they are just too fun.

If you look back a few posts to this one, you will see that I've talked about the Stencil Girl Stencil Club before. Well these are the three stencils that a member received for January. I'm sorry to say it is now too late to get these.

9" x 12"

4" and 6"
I played with the January club stencils today and created this notebook cover. I used the large stencil to create the background fabric.


I traced the designs from the smaller stencils onto purple fabric and then stitched the traced lines. Next I trimmed away excess fabric close to the stitching. I highlighted the purple fabric with some bronze metallic paint.

You can join the Stencil Club at any time you want, just be sure to remember that if you join before the middle of the month you will get in on that month's stencils, and if you join later in the month you will receive the following month's stencils. Read all about the Stencil Club here....there's a lot of fun stuff included besides just getting stencils.