Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Art Journaling

I've been keeping up with some art journaling. These pages have all been worked on over the last week or week and a half. The first one I don't feel like I'm done with it yet. I'm not sure where I want to go so I'm letting it simmer for now. I don't usually draw side views of faces so this was an exercise for me.

I also started a new art journal.  I had some heavy brown paper that was rolled up as the inside base of a wrapping paper roll.  I thought perhaps the heavy brown paper could become pages for a book/journal.  So I ironed them to make them stay flat and layered both sides with gesso.  Then I painted background colors on both sides.  And for the final step I used my Vintage Tiles stencils that I got as a member of the Stencil Girl Stencil Club.  There are three stencils in the collection and I used all of them as background design.

I then cut all the painted brown paper into pages and constructed my journal.  Here is the front cover.  I am naming this my Vintage journal.

And here is the first page spread in the journal.  I am happy with how it turned out.

I admit that I am not a wine expert and probably will never develop a sophisticated palate for wine. But I do enjoy wine and my favorite is a cheapy one...Arbor Mist. Yum. I dated the bottle of wine on my journal page...1982. Is that considered vintage??? Well, if not, some day it will, right?

If you are still in the stencil mode after last week's stencil hop, hop on over to my friend Margaret's blog this week.  She is having a stencil give away...and the subject is hearts!