Monday, December 17, 2012

This and That

Hi everyone!  Well, it's getting down to the wire for Christmas preparations. I still have not baked any goodies. I did get almost all of my wrapping done, just need to do two more.  These two ornaments are all I have left to wrap. I painted them for the grand kids. My mother started a tradition in our family and gave my son a beautiful hand painted Christmas ornament every year at I decided to start doing that too. These need one more coat of varnish and some pretty ribbon to hang by and then they are ready for wrapping.

Here's a painting that's been a work in progress for a while now. I've actually been working on it these past few days and I feel like it's getting closer to being done. It's weird but I've had a sense of wanting to finish things before the end of the year. Has that happened to you?

And here is a Trellis Tote waiting to be finished. I sort of lost a little bit of steam when making handbags recently, but I really need to get this one done and off my mind.

And speaking of handbags, this is one that I made during my wild bag making frenzy and I have fallen in love with it. I considered keeping it for myself and then decided against it....but then I took all my bags to the home of a local person last week. She had contacted me wanting to look at my bags. She also invited a friend to come over. While they were looking at the bags, one of the women kept holding this one and I thought she was going to purchase it. All the while I kept thinking, "Oh I should have kept that one for myself". Well she ended up picking a different bag and I took it as a sign that it was to be mine. So I gave myself a present.

This bag will now be mine and it features a lovely floral screen printed design by the talented Margaret Applin. Margaret sells her screens in her Etsy shop here.


  1. OH my goodness, those ornaments are PRECIOUS, and BEAUTIFUL! What a sweet tradition. And your kitty painting... are those paw prints?! Woot woot! CUTE! And the bag, is really cool... I think I'm gonna be an Applin a Day with Terri (Cherry) on top of my screen-stencil addiction - I mean dessert!!! Christmas greetings!

  2. HAHAHA you guys are great!!! Thanks Terri!

  3. I love those ornaments! Such fun colors and designs -- I just might be inspired to make some for myself since I don't have grandkids.

  4. enjoy your bag,its beautiful.
    And I love your chrissie ornaments.We have a similar tradition in our family.


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