Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hand Stitched Work

I finished this little piece.  Well almost.  I want to mount it on a piece of mat board and I am out at the moment.

I really like how this turned out.

It was fun to add all the stitching.  I really like lots of stitched textures.

It's completely hand stitched except for the black outlining and the zigzag around the edges.

I do admit that there are areas that I'm not happy with.  But I've decided to learn from it and move on.

Will I do more?  YES!

I've got a lot of lovely threads that I've had for some time now, and I think it would be nice to use some of them in these types of projects.

I just had to share this next thing with you.

I was going to build a fire in the wood stove the other morning and when I went to grab some kindling I looked down and saw this piece with its little heart shape.  I think my firewood loves me!!! I haven't found the heart (pun intended) to toss this into the fire.