Friday, October 19, 2012

Art Quilt Commission Part 2

See Part 1 of Art Quilt Commission here.

I was given free reign to create the quilt using any techniques I desired.  I thought about it for some time and because I had recently started creating whole cloth quilts with layers of paint, I really wanted to do one like that, but unsure how the client would respond to a quilt made this way.  Early on I had asked the client which quilts on my web site they liked, to try and get an idea of what techniques, if any, they favored.  The quilts they listed were somewhat equally split as far as techniques go.  Not too much help there, but also telling me they were liking some mixed media work.

So somewhere along the way I decided to create two quilts.  I thought of it as sort of a personal challenge.  My goal was basically to find out how well my painted whole cloth quilts would go over to a potential buyer.  And while I realize that this one-time test isn't a great way to assess this, it was enough for me.  So I decided I would create one in the painted whole cloth method and one in a raw-edge fused applique method.  Besides, the quilt size wasn't too excessive (24" x 36").

Raw-edge applique quilt

Whole cloth painted quilt
 I actually created the painted quilt first and when it came time to make the applique quilt, I wanted to choose a color palette that still worked with the client's space, but was slightly different than the painted quilt.

During the process, the client was so pleasant and easy to work with and I was so happy that the working relationship went so well.  Oh joy...what a relief?

Can you guess which quilt they decided on?  Which one do you like better and why?


  1. I think you said that the quilt was for a child's room. In that case I'd say she chose the second one. I think that one is my favorite too but they are both fabulous!

  2. The painted quilt is lighter and brighter and more in keeping with a child's room.

  3. What Vicki and Del said is true, but you asked which one I prefer and I love the applique. It is much richer in color and texture.

  4. Both are terrific......what really counts is that your client is happy and that you enjoyed the process. My favourite is the second one. I love the graphic feel of the has wonderful energy!

  5. I have to say I'm partial to the painted quilt. I instantly recognize it as a "Terry" design!


  6. I bet they chose the whole cloth one. It is my favorite since it "pops" so nicely with all that color!

    auntie jude

  7. I'd choose the second one for a number of reasons - it's brighter and more "happy" looking (the first one looks like a cloudy day as opposed to a sunny day); the bottom half of the butterfly blends into the background on the first one and simliarly, the sun seems covered by haze. ;)

    The first one would be good for a more mature girl's room, though.

  8. I have to go along with the majority...I love the whole cloth!

  9. Too hard to pick. I love both and each has a different feel to it. I know how the applique looks in person and I think maybe she might like that it is all fabric? Plus the stitching on it and that black and white cute butterfly body. So I say she picked that one.


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