Friday, September 21, 2012

So Much To Do

There's just not enough hours in my days lately. I'm keeping busy with many projects and of course there are more brewing in my head.  No wonder I do really dumb stuff. Like the other day when I was going shopping. I went to grab my list and noticed that half the page it was written on was blank, so I cut it in half so I could use the unused half for my next list. I got to the store, pulled my list out of my purse, and OOOPS! Guess which list I brought with me to the store? Yes, the blank one.  Oye!

So here's what I've been working on:

First up is a tote bag that was a special request from a customer.

I painted a face on a piece of cloth that was used for removing spray dyes from my stencils.  You can sort of see some of those designs through the layers.  This is now ready for quilting.  I've been contemplating adding a one-line quote of some sort to this but don't know for sure if I will.  I sometimes wonder if quotes on art is a little over done.  What do you think?  And the next question would be...what would the quote be, I'm thinking it should be some sarcastic humor maybe?

And I completed my Twelve by Twelve challenge quilt.  The theme this round is maverick.  Here's a peek at what I made.  The next reveal is October 1.

I have more things to show you, but will do that in another post.  Hope you have had a good and busy week.


  1. I love the painted face, it's a clever use of the fabric :-)

  2. Your post should have read "So much done!" Love your new tote!

  3. Vicki's right -- you're getting a lot finished. I love the face -- the background is just wonderful.

    And yes, I agree -- words on art are a tad overdone -- although sarcasm is always fun.

  4. Busy girl! Love the tote, and the face ( and it's background) are wonderful.

    Oh, one can never have too much sarcasm! It helps keep us sane in an insane world!

  5. It's ME! I was a redhead most of my life!! That said and no longer showing any of my red, I believe the quote should be, "Only the bottle can reveal the true self!" LOL I love this piece!!!

  6. That's my biggest complaint too...never enough hours in a day! Love your red head Terri. I know it's been awhile, but I had to let you know I saw the 12 x 12 exhibit in Portland & I will mail the program to you (your quilt front & center!). I absolutely loved the exhibit and it was my girlfriends favorite exhibit by far. All four thought so. Congrats on becoming a grandma!! Chantelle is my daughters name.

  7. Everything you touch has just the happiest colors and style. The kitty bag is delightful. Love the tease reveal and look forward to the full reveal. Lipstick is beautiful. You are really working it my dear.
    Falling into Autumn Bliss...


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