Saturday, September 1, 2012

How About Some Mini Quilts?

Here are the mini quilts that I started earlier in the week.  I plan to take all of these with me next weekend to the workshop I'm teaching.  I mounted all of the mini quilts to mat board and after I took these photos, I wrapped them all in cellophane to keep the mat board clean.

Hope you are having a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!!!

Grandbaby update:  My DIL is scheduled to be induced on Sept. 7, unless the baby decides to show up before then on her own.  Excitement levels have spiked!


  1. What a great idea. They are excellent!

  2. Adorable! Good luck with the new baby, I'll have fingers and toes crossed for a short and easy birth!!

  3. Hoping for a quick and easy labor and delivery of your new grandchild. And I LOVE your minis -- if you decide to sell the one with the bird, would you please let me know?? I'd love to own it.


  4. Fabulous work Terri! Love the minis.

    Best of luck for an quick and easy arrival of the new grandbaby!

  5. These are adorable. Can I ask how you mounted them and the size?

    I am so excited for your Son and DIL and you!

  6. Always enjoy your site and your work. Thanks for sharing.


  7. What a fabulous collection! I too am curious how you mount your minis. All the best with the arrival of your new grandbaby!

  8. Congrats Grannie! You will soon be holding your lovely grand baby.

    LOVE these mini quilts, great for framing!!!

    auntie jude

  9. These are lovely - and like Dev Levy I wondered what size they were.
    Such a nice idea - it might even get me back to the sewing machine.
    Hope all goes well with the happy event, and there's all the enjoyment of being a gran to come.
    So glad to have found your blog.

  10. Love the fresh ideas of these minis!


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