Monday, July 30, 2012

Happiness is Making Art

Today I'm hand stitching the facing on House on a Hill. And then I need to add the hanging sleeve and label to the back.

Over the weekend I decided to get this purple and orange quilt pieced. I haven't worked on it since I started it and decided it was time to git 'er done. I was sort of getting tired of it taking up a lot of room on my design wall too. So now I have to think about getting it quilted. But first I should see if I have wool batting on hand. Can't remember if I do. This is a baby size quilt and when it's finished I will have three baby quilts all done in the same technique, just laying around. I don't think I need that many baby quilts so I'm thinking of putting them up for sale on Etsy.

And here is a new quilt that I started over the weekend. I am still adding tweaks here and there to it, but for the most part I think the painting is done on this one. This one is smaller than House on a Hill. I used a black brush style marker for the black lines on this one and for House on a Hill I used a black Shiva Paintstik.  I really like the way the Paintstik works for this technique but I just wish they made them in a skinny version, more like a crayon size. The thickness of the Paintstik can sometimes make the lines much too fat.

Haven't named this one yet. Maybe it'll whisper something to me soon.