Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Busy and Stressful

I've been busy in the studio this week. I'm in the process of making two quilts that I plan to turn into patterns for purchase. The first quilt shown is from my original design and made last May. See this blog post. This one is a wholecloth painted quilt.

I have always intended to recreate this design in a raw-edge applique style and I'm finally getting around to that. Yikes, it's a year later. I'm just now ready to start quilting this one.

This past winter I had this quilt hanging up as seasonal decoration in my local quilt shop. Many quilters expressed interest in a pattern.

I won't create this quilt in a pattern because the basic design layout, with the hills and houses as they are, is based on a mixed-media painting class that I took a few years ago. So I redrew a pattern with a similar flair and did the houses a little differently. I added more trees to this one also as the trees were the main object that the majority of the people who saw it liked best.

I've got all the fabrics picked out for this quilt and will probably start on it after the one above is finished.

The stressful part of my week has been about my daughter-in-law. She's been having some complications with the pregnancy and each day I pray that all is well. And I also had a sick kitty, but today she's much better.