Monday, June 11, 2012

Art Journaling

I've been playing in my art journal a bit lately. This first photo is the cover of a journal I made from watercolor paper.  I had prepared the cover with background color and some design a while back but now I've started with some doodling of shapes.  I used many different types of markers.

On this page I added lots of doodling in black ink and I also added the bird collage. I don't know if I'll add more to this spread or not. It's quite possible I could come back to it in a few months or more and want to add something then. But for now, it might be done.

Inside page spread


  1. love these! especially the little bird - so cute.

  2. I agree with Sue, all of your work is beautiful, but that little bird just calls to me to want more. Love it....just hope it doesn't get close to one of your cats! But then, maybe it would make for a great ying/yang of your spectacular art. LOL!


  3. Your art is always a smile happening. Such whimsy that I love. Happy drawing...


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