Friday, May 25, 2012

All Done

Well this is the last post on the baby items I made for my granddaughter who is due to join this world in early September. I have now washed and dried the quilt and the texture plumped up perfectly. I did notice a little dulling in the white strips and I figured that might happen with a little purple dye migration, even though I took my usual precautionary steps to prevent that. Oh well!

Close up.

I shared the crib bumpers with you in the previous post but had to show them again.

And here's a shot of the packaging that the bumper foam came in, just in case any of you were interested. There was also a pattern included.

And here is the final item I made to coordinate ... a diaper stacker that hangs on the end of the crib.  I found the free pattern for this online here. I wanted a version that tied at the top and not one with a hanger.

I still need to shop for crib sheets as I decided I didn't want to make those.  Then I'll be all set for the baby shower eight days from now.  Now to figure out how to wrap it all.  Hubby suggested a garbage bag (insert eye roll here). I will have to look for some large gift bags that look nicer than a garbage bag.


  1. So cute Terri,and a wonderful gift to welcome your new little angel!

  2. Terri. You could wrap it in a large receiving blanket. The ones you buy tend to be a bit small, but if you buy two coordinating pieces of flannel, put them right sides together and stitch all the way around (leaving a little gap for turning right side out) you can make a lovely, cozy larger size that will be very appreciated, especially as the baby grows a bit. Wash the flannel before sewing to preshrink in case the two pieces shrink at slightly different rates. Then use a couple of diaper pins (handy to have around even if using disposable diapers) to secure the package.

    Have fun!

  3. It's all beautiful Terri! How about putting it all into a laundry basket or one of those big wicker baskets that's been decorated with ribbons?

    1. This is such a special gift for your granddaughter. How exciting and you made your deadline!

  4. Fabulous set! One tip as far as bedding goes, JoAnns used to have the flannel covered waterproof pad fabric on a roll... so much cheaper (esp w/coupon) than the ones you buy in the store. I loved having many large pads to change so that I didn't end of changing sheets in the middle of the night.

  5. Each of these items is so beautiful and bright and cheerful. I love the purples and fabric choices you made. How about using crib sheets as the wrapping...all bundled and fluffed with a big ribbon holding it all together. I have used table clothes to wrap picnic baskets for wedding gifts. You are the perfect Grandma in waiting. Safe weekend dear...

  6. What a fabulous gift for your new Granddaughter! The first of many quilts to come, I'm sure!

  7. Congrats on the grandbaby, Terri! We have two grandsons, but had the first granddaughter 2 weeks ago. I finally got to babysit today for a couple of hours. I held her the whole time! Cute stuff you've made for her.


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