Friday, May 25, 2012

All Done

Well this is the last post on the baby items I made for my granddaughter who is due to join this world in early September. I have now washed and dried the quilt and the texture plumped up perfectly. I did notice a little dulling in the white strips and I figured that might happen with a little purple dye migration, even though I took my usual precautionary steps to prevent that. Oh well!

Close up.

I shared the crib bumpers with you in the previous post but had to show them again.

And here's a shot of the packaging that the bumper foam came in, just in case any of you were interested. There was also a pattern included.

And here is the final item I made to coordinate ... a diaper stacker that hangs on the end of the crib.  I found the free pattern for this online here. I wanted a version that tied at the top and not one with a hanger.

I still need to shop for crib sheets as I decided I didn't want to make those.  Then I'll be all set for the baby shower eight days from now.  Now to figure out how to wrap it all.  Hubby suggested a garbage bag (insert eye roll here). I will have to look for some large gift bags that look nicer than a garbage bag.