Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fun X Three

I've been working away on my quilt triptych that I began recently. A couple of posts or so back, I shared my mountain of neutral fabric strips. Well last weekend and this week I worked on putting all those strips together and made three quilt tops.

Then I made three quilt sandwiches and free-motion quilted them all with fairly dense stitching. All three quilts pretty much look the same.

Today I transferred my patterns to the paper that I will stitch through, it's called Golden Threads Quilting Paper.  I wanted to save my original patterns which I had drawn on newsprint paper.

I pinned the pattern to a quilt and have started free-motion stitching over the pattern lines with black thread.

After I stitch over all the lines, I will remove the paper and then I like to go over the black thread lines again. Sometimes I will stitch over the lines three or more times. I like a sketchy look.

Wishing you a Happy Easter!!