Monday, April 30, 2012

Cat of Many Layers

I finished this project last week and just hadn't had any time to get photos taken and shared here. I am loving how this turned out and will definitely do this technique again.

Measures 39" x 21"

It was pretty easy to quilt through all the painted layers, especially since I was using textile paints and acrylic inks that don't leave a heavy or thick barrier on the surface of the fabric. The only areas where I experienced a little bit of trouble, in the form of skipped stitches, was the white screen printed doodle squares design that appears randomly over the entire surface. I believe that the reason I had a bit of trouble there was because I used an opaque white paint from Jacquard and that paint seemed much thicker on the surface. For the quilting I used a variety of threads but the needle I used was Superior's Titanium-coated Topstitch in size 100.

I think I have a spot picked out for this quilt in my house, but I need hubby to hold it up while I observe.

Tomorrow is the map reveal for the Twelve by Twelve group.  Woo wee!