Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mountains of Strips

I'm starting a new project this week.  So far I've been spending my time cutting strips from all of my neutral fabrics and I've now started piecing them together.

The new project will be to create the design that is currently pinned up on my design wall.  These are actually three separate drawings on three separate sheets of paper.  It will be a triptych.

The design is based on a drawing I did in my sketchbook a long time ago...hmm the date on the corner of the sketchbook page says 2008.

My hopes are to do some video taping during the creation process on these pieces....we'll see how that goes.


  1. Oooooo....we will be waiting..... Always fun to be able to watch the progression of your projects. Your kitties look fantastic!

  2. Your drawings are wonderful and so YOU. I cannot imagine what you will do with all these strips...cut, iron and stitch together? Somehow I am imagining a lot of texture in your triptych. I will be tuned to watch your video progress. Wonderful weekend...

  3. Очень интересно! Буду ждать видео процесса.

  4. Can't wait to see this new piece finished.

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  6. I'll try this again.;) I really love your cat designs. They capture so much personality.


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