Friday, March 2, 2012

Layers and Layers of Paint

I have been playing with acrylic paints a lot in the past couple of days.  I follow the blogs of many artists that paint in a way that they start out with layers of colors and shapes, then move on to adding some sort of focal design or abstract shapes while sort of blocking out other areas (did any of that make sense?).  A few that immediately come to mind are Flora Bowley, Michelle Allen, Joana Carvalho and Suzan Buckner.  I know there's more than those four but at the moment my mind is blank. If you know of more artists that paint this way, please leave their names in the comments section so we can check them out.

So I thought I'd give this fun, colorful, and sometimes quirky style of painting a little try.  I started out on a canvas panel, which I think measures 8" square.  Layering, layering, layering.....

acrylic paints and tumble tie dye sprays

After the first portion was done, I moved on and added a focal design....three flowers in a vase (well part of a vase).

This was so fun.  I want to do some more and I will, just not sure when.

In other news...I finished sewing two more bags/totes using up the hand painted canvas cloth.  I'll share those with you soon, probably tomorrow.  Happy Friday!