Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Work

Below are two new pieces I've finished within the past couple of days. Both of these incorporate more of the layering that I did in a quilt I shared last week. Sheers are becoming a fun and favorite fabric. One place that I find many of them is at the thrift store. Sheer scarves can usually be found at my local thrift stores.

Still Life Collage Art Quilt
I also enjoy incorporating discarded pieces from other projects, which both of these have in them. Even paper toweling that was used as a wipe up cloth is fair game.

Mini Collage Art Quilt
Today I spent most of the day with my new gel plate from Gelli Arts. I also did lots of other surface design techniques and I'll share some photos of my results tomorrow.

Both of the pieces shown here can be found in my Etsy shop.


  1. Terri,
    I've been making a few small art quilts I have not found the best way to finish them off. I've tried binding like a big quilt. Turning the edges under and doing a straight stitch. What method do you prefer. I'm trying to find something that looks more finished. Thank you in advance

  2. Beautiful new banner, and gorgeous collages, Terri! Love them!

  3. Love them Terri. The top one is my favourite, but they're both beautiful!

  4. I love the sheers work as evidenced in the first piece - gorgeous and inspirational. :)

  5. These are great, Terri. Your use of many layers makes for wonderful art.

  6. These are wonderful - great use of sheers!

  7. Great always!

    I have a Gelli is patiently waiting for my attention,It is gradually moving up the list..... somehow I just know this will become another addiction.

  8. Just terrific! Love the collage pieces.

    auntie jude


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