Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Occasional Art Journaler

I really love art journals.  Yes, I'm more of an art journal freak than keeping a journal for working out projects and such. Although I do have journals where I just sketch. Those journals are for when I need ideas in creating art quilts and the like. But back to art journals...

I keep one going on my desk pretty much all the time. I don't usually sit and work on these for long periods of time. I usually just add little things here and there when the mood strikes.  I also don't always know what I want to do each step of the way so walking by it gives me time to glance and ponder. Then, when I suddenly get the light bulb moment, I can visit my journal and add the next tidbit.

Today I added some paper flower cut-outs from some scrapbook paper. I had originally added some doodles above the heart and ended up not liking what I out came the paint and the gel medium and scrapbook papers. It's so nice to be able to change your mind when you want to. We don't always get to do that.

I'm loving these little negative cut-outs that remain from cutting my flower shapes.  I will definitely be using these somewhere else in my art journal pages.