Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hearts & Flowers

I've been playing around lately with some mixed-media collage. This is actually the second art quilt I've made using these types of materials and techniques. I was digging through my paper stash, my hand painted fabrics stash and my oddball fabrics stash to find items to incorporate in this quilt.

When I refer to oddball fabrics, what I mean is fabrics that are not typical to quilting. 

Fabrics like sheers (especially those that have embroidered designs on them), laces, chiffons, tulles, nettings, etc.

These sheer fabrics work great when placed over the top of collage items.

It helps to keep them in place and secure until the entire surface has been stitched.

I'm having fun with these mixed-media collage quilts and hope to have more to share with you soon. Hope you have a great weekend! Today I am teaching at my local quilt shop. We are making Valentine Heart Quilts. There is a tutorial for this project in the Tutorials link at the top of my blog.