Monday, December 5, 2011

It's That Time of Year

It's time to make the holiday greeting cards.  This year I decided to make a somewhat traditional holiday greeting card.  Last evening I sat in front of the TV and drew these trees onto 90 lb. watercolor paper.  Next I added some light washes of green with watercolor paint.  Now they are ready for the next step.

Here is something I started working on over the weekend.  Mending.  Mmm hmm.  You know, the only people on this planet I will consider mending for is my family.  The boy had three pairs of jeans with lots of holes.  Evidently his "holes in the jeans are cool" days are over.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Are you making holiday greetings this year?


  1. Nice work on the jeans! Funny, how everything 'comes round' huh! Love your cards... and uhmm no, not making holiday greetings. Maybe... next year...

  2. Yes, great little jean repair. And, Yes, I love making my holiday cards. Haven't yet! If anyone gets a card from me that isn't "marty" made, they think I've been ill!

  3. Well, now I can't wait to see what the next step is on the cards. You will post, won't you?

  4. Like those Christmas trees - somehow they make me think Dr Seuss :-)

  5. Kudos for mending! Terri trees for the holidays are super.

  6. You are one neat mender! And cute trees!


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