Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Card Progress

I'm making progress on my hand made Christmas greetings.  I've finished with the creation of the card front.

I found some red scrap booking papers in my paper stash and used my deckle-edge ruler to trim the paper to the size I wanted.  Then I used my handy dandy taper thingie to adhere everything together.

Now I'm trying to compose a greeting for the inside of the card.  I haven't yet landed on one I'm satisfied with, but I think I'm getting close.  Hopefully I'll have that decided by this evening so I can sit and write the greeting text into the cards.

As I'm typing this, my house is beginning to smell wonderful.  I'm baking an apple pie for hubby.  He tells me he can't get enough of it lately and if he could, he'd change his middle name to Pie.