Monday, October 24, 2011

On The Design Wall

Here is what I currently have on my design wall.  I've been working on these over the course of a week or two and I'm almost done with them.  I feel like I want to do something more with these but right now I'm not sure on which direction I want to go.  So they will just sit there and look at me and hopefully soon they will tell me what more they want.

They are thread sketched faces on a neutral pieced background that was free motion quilted.  I then added color with Neocolor II crayons.  They currently measure around 8 x 10" but they will probably be trimmed down a bit for finishing.

Hope your Monday is most stupendous!


  1. What a fabulous collection of women! If you make them into a wall quilt, I think it should be called "About Face." However, I do have to ask -- why are there no brunettes????


  2. I love these rosy cheeked ruby lipped ladies. Your technique is fantastic. I am sure one of them will speak up soon to give you direction. :)

  3. The girls are great!!! I love how you do their hair, it makes me want to get my hair cut!!

  4. That's pretty fantastic! I hope they're speaking to you soon!! :)

  5. Your "Ladies In Waiting" are each beautiful and intriguing. It will be curious which one will speak first and in which direction. Your work always amazes me dear...

  6. Very nice . . . I like the top one best. I think it's because I spent some time the other day looking through Laura Park's flicker pages of drawings where she has developed more squarish shapes on so many of her cartoon characters. (see this page -

    I almost feel I'm waiting for this group of lovely ladies to start up a conversation using cartoon word balloons to tell us what's up with them! Okay, maybe I've been looking at too many comics and graphic novels lately.

    Then I spent time last night looking at sites with bento boxes and their cute squarish shapes and fun, colorful arrangements of food.

    Really, your work is wonderful! Keep it up!

    Oh . . . guess what!? My word verification to post here is benticon! ha, ha . . . a merging of my recent inquiries into bento boxes and cartoon goings on at a recent comicon event. Too funny! Life is quirky sometimes!

  7. I like the whole idea: sketching on a pieced background and colouring. Enjoy Houston-I'm jealous

  8. Wow, you really outdid yourself with such a delightful array of "powerhouse" women!

    Love them all and can't wait to see what you create with them :)

    Girls rule !!!!!

    auntie jude

  9. whatever you end up doing with them will be great!

  10. They're lovely! What a happy bunch! I can't wait to see what you do with them. :D

  11. They are really wonderful. Of course they would look great any way you finish them.


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