Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Crazy Obsession

I think Project Runway must be rubbing off on me. I've been watching it for the last few seasons and while the show is not totally focused on sharing fashion design tips and techniques, I still find it intriguing that these designers can whip out a garment in basically 24 hours or less without a pattern. So lately I've become interested in sewing clothing and also about how well it fits. I never had an interest in sewing clothes my whole entire life....until now, that is. Now I'm wishing that I would have learned when I was younger, I'd maybe feel more knowledgeable and/or confident in sewing clothing. I've been soaking up information from all over the Internet, pretty much like a sponge. And yes, I'm spending way too much time on the computer. More than I'd like to be. But that is what happens, I guess, when you become obsessed with a new interest. I have bought a few patterns to try (Etsy is a great resource for buying pre-owned patterns that have never been used), and I've shared a couple of tunic tops that I've sewn here within the past couple of months. About a month or more ago I bought this book:

The book is all about creating your own basic clothing patterns. Patterns that are customized with your own body measurements. I followed the guidelines on measuring my body and created a basic shirt pattern following the instructions in the book. I really liked this dress design (shown below), but I'm not really a dress person. So I decided to make a short version, like a tunic top.

Here are my results:

I didn't pose very well in the photo above, so let's try that again with a little more style:

In my research around the web on sewing and fitting clothing, I have learned so much about what to look for when determining what areas need adjustments. In the photo below, I need to work on fixing the shoulder area. I'm getting a lot of excess near the sleeve seam on the back and the top shoulder seam doesn't look like it's in the correct position. I did make a test garment out of muslin and lo and behold I didn't see this problem area when I tried the muslin on. See! I'm learning to see!

At some point I'd like to try making some pants similar to these in the book:

Oh if only I could look like that in them.....sigh!

I'll continue to share my exploration and experimentation on making clothes.  I don't seem to get tons of time to do it, so I won't be posting about this subject too often.

Oh and I got a new toy in order to take pictures of myself.  I bought a wireless remote for my camera.  Cool!

Hope you are having a thrilling Thursday!


  1. Cute top -- great job! Somewhere online there's a "make perfect patterns" company. I think they're based out of Germany. I've watched their demo videos -- very interesting stuff. :)

  2. I think your top turned out great! I started at the opposite end of the sewing road ... I learned to love sewing my clothes as a kid, then later in life got interested in the art side of sewing. Isn't it fun traveling the whole road?!

  3. The top looks great Terri! I love Project Runway too only I find myself thinking of ways to incorporate their ideas or garment features into an art quilt embellishment or something. I've never actually done it but I do think about it. Tee-hee!

    The only sewing I've done in my life was one Home Ec class in 7th grade. I just started sewing about ten years ago when I got interested in making art quilts and I haven't sewn anything other than artsy things. I think it's awesome that you're making clothes, and I look forward to seeing what else you make. Thanks for sharing.
    (FYI-Formerly Nic Nac Quiltiac,
    I'm now Yak Yak Art).

  4. good for you! I'm going to try to keep an eye out at the bookstore for this. Like you, I'm not sure where the time will be carved out of but I'd really like to do some garment stuff.

  5. wow Terri - I'm impressed! Sewing clothing is something I've always wanted to be better at. Cute top!

  6. That is awesome! Good for you! I am absolutely in the same boat. This spring, I entered wearables into our ginormous quilt show. I could NEVER follow a pattern. I just get confused. I'm used to doing my own thing. It was a giant learning curve for me. I pulled it off! The show is in one week. My first wearable: a WEDDING DRESS pattern that I altered. Can you imagine? I mean, what was I thinking? I did my first zipper ever just yesterday. I hope you'll pop by to peek at it when I unveil it next weekend. ; )

    Long story short... I am addicted. Now I want to make more. I never thought this would happen!

    ~Monika Kinner-Whalen

  7. You certainly have more patience than I do! And yes, shows like that do rub off on you. I watch Chopped on the Food Network and I find myself looking around the kitchen to see what I can do with all of my unrelated ingredients! LOL:)

    The top is a great idea-Make it work!!:):):)

  8. I love Project Runway and I love these garments. It would be nice to have your clothes fit perfectly instead of having to go to a bigger size to fit one area at the expense of another.

    I will keep watching your progress.

  9. Thanks for sharing your explorations into garment sewing. It has been awhile since I visited your blog - fun to see what you've been up to again.

    Just wonder if you have seen the video and website about "The Uniform Project" and the "LBD - Little Black Dress" project. It's interesting. Here's a link to take a peek:

    Thanks for sharing your sewing adventures!



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