Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's In The Works

I'm working on a couple of projects simultaneously the past couple of days. This first photo is a piece of cotton duck/canvas that I painted with several layers of design and color. This is going to become a composition notebook cover. The painted fabric was inspired by an artist that I enjoy following. Her name is Roben-Marie Smith and her blog is named Every Life Has a Story. Oh and the colors in this piece are inspired by this month's color palette over at 3 Creative Studios.

Next is a new tote/handbag that I'm working on. This is the first bag I've made using a technique that I've pretty much only used on art quilts so far. So this is sort of the prototype I guess. I have always created these focal designs on a neutral colored background. I'm thinking I may have to try it on a colored background. New ideas popping into my head all the time! Does that happen to you too? I probably better go write this one down or else I could forget about it. Does that happen to you too?

I hope your Tuesday is terrific!