Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's a Purple Weekend

I must really be in a purple kitty mood this weekend as you can see in these photos. First are a couple of zippered pouches I made with hand painted kitties on them. I had actually started these some time ago and then they got lost in the shuffle and totally forgotten. Until I came across them when looking for something else. So I got them finished up.

I also started these paintings some time ago but had only gotten as far as the penciled outlines on the colored backgrounds. These are painted on watercolor paper and I haven't finished with them yet. I'm sort of liking how the flowers are not colored in and am unsure what I will end up doing with those. I need to soften the background on the top one yet.  

And then I just had to do a thread sketched kitty too. This one still needs some color added and I hope to do that in the near future. Hopefully this one won't get lost in the shuffle.

And speaking of thread sketching, please check out this month's guest artist over at 3 Creative Studios. Thread sketching is the featured technique and the artist who is showing us all about it is Monika Kinner-Whalen.