Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Finally Started

I really really wanted to get started on making this kitty bag late last week....but, well, that didn't happen.  But I did get started today and I'm currently adding free-motion quilting to the bag's exterior.

I've been thinking recently that maybe I should create some painted focal designs for these bags that aren't kitties.  Perhaps some puppies or flowers or, or, or.....any ideas from you would be welcome.  What do you think of this idea?  Good?  Bad?  Ugly????

Last week one day I had the opportunity to stop at one of the local thrift stores in my area.  This is a store that I don't get to often and while browsing through the small crafty section they have I spied a bundle of white fabric.  Of course it wasn't labeled as to what it was but I had a really good guess.  It was white denim and I was about 95% sure of this as I have a bundle that I purchased for dyeing from Dharma Trading at home.  The thrift store bundle was marked as five yards and the price was $3.99.  Woo wee!  I bought it and brought it home.  Washed it up and asked a couple of friends what their opinion was and they thought the same as I did on what it was.

I was doing a bit of fabric dyeing the past couple of days and I tossed a small piece of the thrift store fabric into the dye pot and it dyed up beautifully.  I've been wanting to try making some jackets and this fabric will be good to use for what I'm hoping to try.  Who knows, maybe I'll even try making a pair of pants.  Oy!  Did I just say that?