Friday, August 19, 2011


Recently, fellow blogger friend, Leslie of MarveLes Art Studios, introduced me to a new artist by the name of Joanne Fink.  Immediately I fell in love with Joanne's work.  And it renewed my love for sketching/doodling/drawing/Zentangling (there should be one word that encompasses all of those, don't you think?)  How about Zendooetching?

So I hadn't been doing any Zendooetching for much much too long and I really don't know why this happens.  I really am bad that way, in going through streaks of doing something a lot to it basically being non-existent.  Does that happen to you too?

But after seeing Joann's fun drawings and Leslie's response to this style, I got the fever.  So every night after hopping into bed and before turning out the light, I worked on a page in my sketchbook.  Here is what I have as a result.


These were fun and I know (because I'm being realistic here) that I will do them for a while and then who knows what.

Oh by the way, check out these fun videos by Joanne here.


  1. Love the Zendooetching!

    I go through streaks of this and that too. I justify it though by saying it is all part of the larger process:)

  2. Great stuff! I call them tangents! LOL

  3. Wow! I love that first one with all the rows of doodles.

  4. OH OH OH! So cool... and your style is very apparent, and yet... more elegant than before! I so love it! (Big surprise!) DIG the kittie!!! (you know I'm a fan!)

  5. Love your Zendooetching! You came up with even more creative designs in your notebook -- gotta give this a try!


  6. I go through cycles too and everytime I am in one cycle, I always wonder why I don't stay there long enough to get really good at it. I am, however, narrowing down the options.

    Your style shows through in all of your cycles so I think that as long as you are connected, you are still improving and learning.

  7. The last sketch of the partial face is fantastic. The angle is intriguing and the eye is whimsical.

  8. Oh, so lovely! Especially the flowers, and the kitten too of course.

  9. I absolutely adore your Zendooetchings. Your drawings have a flair to them that I just love. Each one fabulous. Happy weekend...
    P.S. Excellent word my dear!


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