Friday, August 19, 2011


Recently, fellow blogger friend, Leslie of MarveLes Art Studios, introduced me to a new artist by the name of Joanne Fink.  Immediately I fell in love with Joanne's work.  And it renewed my love for sketching/doodling/drawing/Zentangling (there should be one word that encompasses all of those, don't you think?)  How about Zendooetching?

So I hadn't been doing any Zendooetching for much much too long and I really don't know why this happens.  I really am bad that way, in going through streaks of doing something a lot to it basically being non-existent.  Does that happen to you too?

But after seeing Joann's fun drawings and Leslie's response to this style, I got the fever.  So every night after hopping into bed and before turning out the light, I worked on a page in my sketchbook.  Here is what I have as a result.


These were fun and I know (because I'm being realistic here) that I will do them for a while and then who knows what.

Oh by the way, check out these fun videos by Joanne here.