Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kitty Bag in the Making

This is the next bag I'm working on.  I've got the fabrics up on my design wall in the places I think they will be for the final layout.  Next is cutting and sewing.

Do you watch Project Runway?  I have to say that I'm not enjoying this season yet.  There's way too much drama and bickering for me.  I would enjoy it so much more if they'd concentrate on sharing their design development and their trials and errors with creating their designs.  I haven't seen the shows starting way back in the beginning at Season 1.  I think I started around Season 5, but not sure.  I don't know if all the seasons have been more or so like this one or not (I've enjoyed the other seasons that I watched) but so far I'm not rating it very high on the satisfaction scale.  I suppose some viewers enjoy all the drama, I guess I'm not one of them. I can take a little drama, but give me some sewing and design stuff too. What's your take?

REMINDER:  In case you missed my post from last Monday....I'm having a give away (random drawing) for an autographed copy of Masters Art Quilts Vol. 2.  Check out the post here.  You have until midnight, tomorrow night to enter.