Thursday, June 9, 2011

Many Cases

I haven't been in the studio too much lately.  This is mostly because it is that time of year when it's (supposed to be) nicer outside and I spend more time on the riding lawn mower, gardening, and just enjoying the great outdoors in general.

I have gotten to sew some over the last two or three weeks.  I was mainly working on the above. They are pillowcases.  30 pillowcases to be exact!  They are folded up, in case it's a little hard to tell exactly what they are.  I had pulled the fabrics from my stash a couple of months ago to make these and then the fabric piles just sat there as I seemed to deem other projects more important.

So I decided to tackle the pillowcase project and get them done and outta there.  These are for donation to local community programs.  It not only feels good to donate these, but it feels good to get those fabric piles out of my way and also to get rid of some of the fabrics from my stash that I just didn't seem to use.  Makes me wonder why I bought them in the first place.