Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Keeping My Toes Warm

Lately we've had a handful of days where the weather was spring like. All the rest of the days have been very cool, windy, and/or drizzly. Oh spring! Where are you???

It's a good thing I'm still knitting wool socks. Here is my recent completed pair. I shared a photo of this pair in the works a while ago here on the blog. I think this one is my favorite to date.

And here is the next pair that I'm working on. Another lovely yarn in mossy greens with a touch of bluish purple here and there.

I was reminded about sharing my socks here with you when I saw Deb share a pair here that she recently finished. Love the colorful, stripey yarn she used in hers.


  1. oh yeah we have been waiting for it to warm up here too......but it came today.......it is currently 30 degrees Celsius YAY!!! I think I may have been a lizard in a previous life cause I LOVE the heat!
    Love that gorgeous mossy green colour

  2. We are having the same very cold and drizzly weather. I really am looking forward to summer with sunshine and heat.
    Your socks are wonderful. You really have the knitting down perfect. Love the blues. Wonderful week to you...

  3. Love your colorful footsies!

    auntie jude


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