Friday, May 13, 2011

Journal Quilt #17

Waiting for the Tulips (Journal Quilt #17)
Mistyfused fabric scraps, free motion quilting

Well WOW!  Today is Friday.  I woke up this morning and could hardly figure out how this week slipped by so quickly.  When really the week was very very dark and gloomy and should have been dragging along.  Really, our weather has been dark, gloomy and cold all week and I'm craving sunshine.  The weather report tells me I won't see any until Sunday probably.

My journal quilt this week is inspired by the tulips out in my garden.  Yes, those would be the tulips that have been growing like crazy and all have lovely colorful flower heads on them that won't open because we've had no sunshine.   I bet they are getting depressed too.  I sure hope they get a chance to open and shine before they croak over for the season.

So I guess Blogger had some big issues/problems the last few days.  For a while, the post previous to this one was totally gone.  And it appears that the last two posts have lost their comments.  :(  Don't know if those will come back or not.  Hopefully they have it all fixed up now.

Have a great weekend everyone!