Friday, April 29, 2011

Journal Quilt #15

For some reason, I found this week's journal quilt a struggle to create. Perhaps my muse was on a coffee break when I was trying to be creative. I will have to have a talk with her. Any way, here it is...

Springing Out (Journal Quilt #15)
Mistyfused cotton fabrics, free-motion quilting, decorative stitching around outer edges

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I've started quilting on the doodle flower quilt and I'm almost done.  All I have left is to figure out how I want to quilt the black and white squares along the bottom.  Here is a detail photo on how I quited the background.  

This is a new-to-me quilting design and I absolutely loved stitching it out.  I learned this one from Patsy Thompson.  It is a great filler design and very fun to stitch.  I was sort of sad when I ran out of background to quilt.