Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Break

Hi everyone! I decided to take a blog break recently and also a break from participating in the Zentangle challenge and weekly journal quilts. Two weeks have passed since I did either of those challenges. I feel rejuvenated! A good feeling.

I have been busy in the studio though and here are some photos of work in progress in my space.

I've currently got about 4 works in progress on my design 
wall along with other miscellaneous little items tacked up there.

 Here is a pile of fabric ready to be sewn into pillowcases (left), and four completed
 pillowcases on the right.  I have another similar stack of fabric ready to be sewn in another pile
 elsewhere.  I've made about 10 pillowcases before these four that I donated.  My
 local quilt shop is a collection point for them.  There are several programs in my community
 that can use the donated pillowcases.

Here is a view of my chest freezer.  It makes a great surface for painting...except when I
 need to get inside and find something to make for dinner.  The two projects are both the same
 design.  I'm trying two different painting techniques to see if I prefer one over the other.

 This is a small square of cotton fabric that I tried a rubber band resist with FW Acrylic
 Inks.  I think I prefer to use the rubber bands more than creating a resist with stitched
 circles.  It's much quicker to wrap with rubber bands.  

In other news...there's lots of new activities going on over at 3 Creative Studios.  A new Guest Artist, a new postcard challenge, a new color palette challenge, giveaways, and more!  Check out the web site or the blog for more information.