Friday, March 11, 2011

Journal Quilt #10

Beware of Wild Flowers (Journal Quilt #10)

Hey, look! Orange is back. I feel so much better with that orange in this week's journal quilt.

Don't forget that Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend. I know not all locations around the globe follow this, but just thought I'd remind those of you who weren't aware. And you know what DST means....spring is almost here. YAY!!!

Tomorrow morning I have my second class on sock knitting. I'm anxious for that. Perhaps sometime over the weekend I will have a completed sock to share with you.

Quilt or Dye asked for some information on my journal quilt creation.  I started with a piece of batting on which I applied a layer of Mistyfuse fusible web.  Next I placed the fabrics, raw edges and all, and moved them around until I had a composition I liked.  I then free-motion quilted the entire surface.  I drew my focal figures on with a disappearing pen.  Free-motion thread sketching was next over the drawn lines.  Finally I trimmed the edges with a wavy rotary blade and stitched a pre-programmed machine stitch around the edges.

I also wanted to add that you can see many more journal quilts from fellow 2011 Journal Quilt participants in the Flickr group here.  Everyone is welcome to play along.