Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weekly Zentangle Challenges

Eeek! I got behind on last week's Zentangle challenge. So my theory is better late than never.

Zentangle Challenge #8 - we were to incorporate two of the previous challenges into this Zentangle and also create a heart. My result is the heart below. I started out with orbs, which was challenge #5, and then I got stuck...hence my lateness with this challenge. So I am declaring the second part of this challenge as simplicity, which was challenge #1.

Zentangle Challenge #9 - we are to use a new tangle that our hostess created and named after her son. The tangle is called Artoo. My result is below and the Artoo design is the seed pod/leafy looking design on the left hand side.

Sometimes I have such a hard time coming up with these Zentangle pieces and then other times I just whip them out. Sigh! I guess that's why they are called challenges.