Friday, January 14, 2011

Two Challenges in One Post

I'm still plugging along with the zentangle weekly challenge that Laura is conducting on her blog I Am the Diva. This week's challenge (challenge #4) was titled Starry Eyed Surprise. We were to incorporate a star or stars into our tangle. Here is my result:

And below is my 2nd journal quilt for the year. I'm amazed I was able to fit this in at all this week. Lately I just feel like I'm going crazy with meeting deadlines and getting projects completed...but I'm feeling pretty good about that now because I've actually been crossing some tasks off my list this week. That's a good feeling.

Limey Swirly Thoughts of Love
cotton duck, batiks, perle cotton, thread, batting and Mistyfuse

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News Flash - Watch the 3 Creative Studios blog tomorrow, the first color palette in the Color Palette Challenge will be announced.