Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My New Toy

I love to read and when my friend Sue told me about her new kindle from, well I knew I wanted one too. It's a pretty cool device and my hubby loves it because when I read before falling asleep at night I don't have to have the lamp on, or what hubby refers to as "the beacon".

I told hubby all the good things about having one of these...less trees being cut down (he's an avid tree lover and plants at least 50 young trees every year), less noise when flipping pages while he's trying to fall asleep, and of course the light (beacon) issue.

So he bought me one for Christmas. And of course we are the type of folk who say "Why wait until Christmas?"

I've been enjoying my new kindle very much and there are some added bonuses to it besides those I listed above. I love that I don't have to try and hold the book open if I'm doing something, like eating a meal. I love how it remembers exactly where I left off when I turn it back on. And I love how long the battery power lasts. I did purchase a book light for it which I use when reading in bed and hubby is as happy as can be.

But, one thing I wanted for it was some protection when I want to toss it into my handbag to take with to run errands or go to appointments. I didn't want it just floating around in my purse getting scratched up. So I created a kindle pouch or sleeve. Okay, so I made more than one.

I made these last week and they should do the job of protecting my kindle perfectly.

I'm writing up a tutorial for the pouch, in case you'd like to make one too. Watch this space or watch for the announcement in the Three Creative Studios newsletter.

Edited 11/24/10: You can find the Quilted Kindle Pouch tutorial on the Free Projects page at Three Creative Studios here.