Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Colorful Thursday

I recently found a web site that was new to me. It is called It's a sister site to Creative Catalyst Productions, which sells art instruction videos. I have a couple or so of the video DVDs this company has produced and they are very well done. Anyway, their new-to-me site is a really cool idea because it is sort of like a library. You "rent" or "check out" the video of your choice for the amount of days you like and then you can watch it on your computer at any point during that time frame. And you can watch it as many times as you like during that time frame. And the big plus is...the artist who created the video receives compensation each time their video is rented by someone.

So I wanted to check it out and decided to rent the video by Sherrill Kahn called Acrylic Paint Pizzazz. After a minor glitch (the video wouldn't work in Google Chrome, had to open it with Firefox) I had a video session with Sherrill. I've always admired Sherrill's work, as she uses colors that I relate to and I like her designs. A few days later, I felt like playing with paint and found a scrap piece of cotton duck and started. Here is what came of that:

It definitely looks like a Sherrill Kahn piece in my opinion. It was fun and I can see myself playing with this again. By the way, the embellishment on the top is three torn strips of fabric and thread globs from dyeing fabric. That's the stuff that forms when your fabrics fray out in the washer and then they create blobs and wrap around all the other pieces of fabric. I'm not at all sure what I will do with this piece. I don't have a room that these colors will work in.

In Sherrill's video lesson, she always has a serendipity piece going alongside the piece she is working on. The serendipity piece is just a piece of fabric or paper that she uses up remaining paint from her tools. A good way to not waste any remaining paint. Here is my serendipity piece, a piece of paper:

Anyway, I thought the availability of being able to "rent" a video a really good idea, especially if you are interested in checking it out to see if you might want to add it to your own library of videos.

I'm still playing with overdyeing and here is my cutting table looking quite colorful with all my experiments so far. I've been writing the colors on the fabrics, in the order I dyed them, so that I can sort of repeat them if I want to. Some of these results I'm not so happy with and probably won't repeat them, but I will keep them so that I can see what happens when I overdye with those specific colors. I do think they all look great, in relation to each other here on the table.

In other news, it was my turn to choose the color challenge for the Twelve by Twelve group and I announced it today over on that blog. I chose Rusty!